Bad Company - Luce Research

I received a call yesterday from a young lady at Luce Research. (

She said that if I took part in a survey the Company would donate $20 to my favorite charity.

She asked me a few questions about Information Technology that seemed to want to know if I am in Academia or Private Industry.

Then she terminated the interview and hung up. Apparently, I did not qualify for the survey.

I called Luce Research today (719-272-7200) and talked to Monty Davis, Director of Operations. I told him that I had done my part and that I wanted Luce Research to keep their promise.

He said that the script that was read to me said that the $20 would be donated to charity upon completion of the survey, and that I did not complete the survey.

I pointed out that it was Luce Research that terminated the survey.

He said that Luce Research had done nothing wrong. I told him Luce Research had committed fraud. He got upset and hung up.

I called back and spoke to General Manager Alex Sharkey. That conversation went mostly the same way except when I told him I would write about his company.

He started to say something about lawyers.

If Luce Research wants to sue me for exposing them as a fraud, then fine. That will ensure that they get all the publicity they deserve.

And, no, Alex, I don't actually have a spare cruise missile to send your way.

I note that Luce Research is in Colorado and that the State of Colorado provides a web site to report fraud.

I suggested to the Colorado Attorney General that for Luce Research's fraudulent business practices they should be required to donate $1000 to the Salvation Army in Lake Worth, FL for every person who agreed to take part in their survey and was not able to complete it because Luce Research cut it short.

Jed Margolin
Virginia City Highlands, Nevada
May 12, 2010

October 22, 2011

I have been tardy in updating this page. (I've been busy with other things.)

1.   In May 2010 I filed a complaint with the Colorado State Attorney General and received a preliminary response a few days later. I have converted their preliminary response to html. Click here.

Note the part that says:

If your complaint raises issues that are part of widespread deceptive practices that rise to the level of a statewide concern for Colorado consumers, our office will initiate an investigation. If your complaint does not fall under the direct supervisory authority of any federal or state agency or it involves a private contractual dispute, you may wish to pursue private remedies.

They turned it over to the Better Business Bureau who treated it as "information only" and did nothing except send a copy of my complaint to Luce Research. This is what the Better Business Bureau said:

RE: Case # 37016781: Luce Research LLC

Thank you for the information you provided regarding the above-mentioned company. Your correspondence was received by the BBB on May 18, 2010 and has been assigned case# 37016781 in our files.

We appreciate your effort in bringing this to our attention. Information from the public is always valuable to us.

As a courtesy, we will send a copy of your letter to the company so they are aware of this issue.

We will maintain your correspondence in our files for three years as information only, this will not reflect on the report the BBB gives to inquiries about the company.

A summary of this complaint case can be viewed at the following internet site:


Pam Richardson
Business Service Analyst
BBB Complaint Department

For a PDF copy of their letter click here.

It appears that if you want to commit fraud, do it from Colorado. As long as your fraud is not on Colorado residents it's ok.

2.  In March 2011 I received a message (through my Web site) from Brian Wright, saying:

msg: Hi Jed,

I am contacting you about the Luce Research review posted on your site (

There have been many changes in our organizational structure and I am hoping you can spare a few minutes of your time to discuss the article with me.

I can be reached via cell phone at 719.439.1142 or through email:

I appreciate and look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,

Brian Wright

For the html version of the message click here.

According to Linkedin there is a Brian Wright at Luce Research:

I sent an email back to him.

Mr. Wright,

If you want to respond to my article send me a letter in PDF format signed by one of your company's officers.

I will post it as long as:

1. It is not longer than ten pages;
2. It is not obscene or defamatory;
3. It does not, in my opinion, promote fraud.

Jed Margolin

For the html version of the message click here.

He read my email:  click here.

I have not heard from him.

It makes me wonder if he was being truthful about why he wanted to talk to me.