The Path to Enlightenment Also Goes to the Propane Tank

(My New Driveway)

  Jed Margolin  8/28/2006

Welcome to the Margolin Estate


The old entrance to the driveway


and the new one.


The old retaining wall


and the new one. Each section is 3 feet high


The old view of the side of the retaining wall


and the new one.


I put in solar-powered lawn lights to mark the edge of the retaining wall.

At night it reminds me of the old Atari Night Driver game.


I had parking added to the side of the driveway. Itís big enough for two cars.


The retaining wall goes all the way to the propane tank.

Here is the sign I put up for my Propane Guy so he knows he doesn't have to jump down the retaining wall which, at this point, is three feet high.


These new steps are part of the new path to the propane tank.

(I'm still working on the Enlightenment part.)


This is the back of the property. I had a path and circular area added.

Iím not sure exactly why I did it. It just felt right.


Since I'm not planning on holding any covens I made a simple bench for it.


Here is the view from the back of my property, looking mostly North.

The new base and path for my storage shed. It looks so good as a patio that itís a shame to cover it up with a storage shed.



To deal with a drainage problem a drain pipe was put under the driveway.


It comes out the other side and is directed to a culvert.

After I found the septic tank and dug around to uncover the cleanout ports, I used some large irrigation conduit and plywood so I wouldnít have to rebury the ports.
The one being guarded by the alligator is actually the secret entrance to the Bat Cave. (Donít tell anyone.)